“Owner Amy Reiss says she goes room by room with her clients to discuss what needs to be inventoried and delivers a report that includes manufacturer model and serial numbers, along with an item’s location and category.”
Wall Street Journal

“So what do famous celebrities and high net-worth individuals such as Courtney Love do to protect their own homes, art, furniture and jewelry from fires, theft, earthquakes and divorce? Well, they wisely hire Home Sweet Home Video to carefully document all of their home assets.”
Life of Luxury Magazine

“Home Sweet Home Video can help by making a video inventory of your valuables. In case of theft or fire, your claim will be easier to process.”
Orange Coast Magazine

“We had just completed a full video home inventory for a resident on Malibu Road a few days before the fire,” said Amy Reiss, proprietor of Home Sweet Home Video. “It’s one of those things that every home owner says, ‘I’ve got to do that someday.’ Well, last week was that day for the folks on Malibu Road.” Malibu Times

“We knew there was a need for people who were about to create a will or trust, get married or divorced, lease a home, or move items into storage and for insurance purposes,” says Reiss, adding, “I knew that if [my parents had] an inventory , it would have saved us all a lot of heartache.”
Jean Chatzky’s Blog

“A home inventory helps residents get organized and be prepared for life’s disasters whether it be a fire, flood, earthquake, theft, divorce or death in the family.”
Palisadian Post

“Via videotape and photographs, they’ll give you a list of all your heirlooms, electronics, art, and the rest of your special stuff that you can use for insurance purposes or just safekeeping.”
Daily Candy

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